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I started reading New Testament as a young child, Romans 8, Hebrew’s 11 and Psalms were my go to passages. Aged 23, I was praying one day and had a deep sense of being encouraged to starry reading my bible a chapter a day and start from the beginning. No rush, no plan, no agenda, just consistently show up each day to read the next chapter. 2 years later I finished reading the bible and absolutely loved it so prayed about what to do next, and felt to start again so I did. The excitement to start back in the old testament was incredible. I love the whole bible but the old testament has such a richness of describing the character and nature of God. You discover the love of God versus a harsh, cold, judging God. It puts everything in order and makes it clear who we are and who He is and our purposes for living and breathing. I still read the bible one chapter a day but sometimes repeat the chapter slowly if I have not managed to take one small nugget from what I read … that is almost 25 years on. I read something new every single time. I love love love the word or God! It is as important to me to read the words of God each day, as breathing and eating and drinking is needed each day. It is everything!

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